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The Long and Winding Road

Hi one and all and all and one. This is my first beatle related short story I ever wrote and I thought I would share it even though it only deals with there decendents not my greatest work but we all had to start somewhere. The story takes place about 20 years in the future and is a romance of our beloved Abby with Paul's grandson Dale ( I know his real grandson is Aurther but this is fiction afterall and I am sure he would have other grandchildren by this time).

Leaves of golden colors whirl past the well-kept estate. They dance in the air like a timeless ballet. The green grass shimmers in the suns flaming rays. The sky is so blue my eyes begin to water thinking that it could be not a better day. I look back at the house entranced with its beautiful gardens and its massive four stories. Isnt it great, my mom yells as we walk out of the car.

Yes, I reply pretending to be unimpressed. It was definitely beautiful but I was used to luxury and it only seemed equal to that which I had lived in before. I looked back toward the car to see my fathers response to the new estate he had just purchased. The smirk I saw was haunting and it sent chills down my spine. How I feared that look, it was just so dreadful and uninviting and you knew something was wrong when it appeared on his face. I dont see why we need another house in the country, I ridiculed. A big mistake cause I got the same look as the original only twice as intense.

After all you already own three others in the country and about another three townhouses in the city. Dont we have enough? Thats just here in New York alone, I would be surprised if there wasnt a place on the top twenty vacation places where you didnt at least own three homes. My mom gave me a glance to keep my mouth shut, which was nothing new for me.

I didnt mind having houses in Hawaii, Florida, California, England, France, China, and Australia but my parents just kept overdoing it as their fortune increased. They never seemed to save a penny. My father insisted however that he only touched the interest money off what was in the bank.

We did come from a highly distinguished line of political leaders in the United States, which now controlled a large majority of NATOs affairs. My Grandfather Albert Harrison won the election after Al Gores term as president and decreased the nations debt by 20% his first term without raising the taxes once. Since we came from a religious family, he did his best to make reforms giving people more laws that are religious and taking away rights that he thought were not godly. His most famous of these was that there were only two reasons a person could have an abortion were rape and if the pregnancy was deadly to a mothers health. He served the following term and decreased debt by another good 15%. He made it illegal for men or women to be anything besides a heterosexual. He got congress to reinforce the Prohibition Act that was disposed of so long ago. He was by far the most conservative president the United States had seen but the times were changing like the leaves that had flown past me. He worked as a senator after his term in presidency until his death in 2018. Most people thought he would retire but his love for power and money kept him striving to work and keep up his image. I miss him very much although I did not agree with some of his views on forcing all people to have certain morals shared by religious groups.

My father served in the congress for the past 20 years and became very wealthy and well respected. People say he is likely to and were not shocked at his announcement to run for president and follow in his fathers footsteps. They also say he is a family man but this is the biggest one I have heard since Clintons remark, I am not having an affair. If anything, it was the exact opposite, the antithesis of family man, a cold-blooded insensitive man, a blood-sucking lawyer, and a true politician of this day and age I must say. Politics has not changed much since the twentieth century and as leaders of government, you always keep up your image to the public especially with your family life. However, outside the public family members live a very different life than the one with smiles and waves, and all of the speeches of how proud you are of your daughter or wife.

I was born into this and my father as the other politicians around him lived a lavish lifestyle with little regard for his family off the camera. To say the least he was abusive if you did something he did not like or would cause his image to go down. It did have the benefits of money, meeting anyone you wanted, and nothing it could not buy although as I was getting older, I was realizing it never bought me true friends or happiness. Nevertheless, most importantly of all it did not make my father love me and made him become fixated on wealth.

We walked in the 13,000 square foot home with its shear emptiness and mammoth size. I felt so alone as I walked down its long lonely deserted hallways similar to the ones in my soul. The house has all of our belongings and many others we recently purchased to take up space before we move into it. I assume the movers did it while I was on vacation in Sussex. I had already gotten use to the time difference. Since we were always traveling it becomes a part of your system. I may have been used to the time difference but I wished I had been in England more than ever as I wandered through this house containing lonely depression. I had friends in New York of course but they were not true friends. On the contrary friends of my money or slaves to it would be more accurate.

Oh but in England, sure people had heard of my father but they did not know of his daughter too well and I made true friends. Although, there were those who had too like Dale McCartney and we had become such good friends too. Towards the end of the summer it had become much more serious, we began to start dating. My father did not know of our secret love toward each other all he saw was his little girl becoming friends with another famous celebrities grandchild. Nevertheless, Dale was a man in his own right; he proved that he could be a famous musician without his fathers name. We tried to be as normal as possible like other couples but this proved to be difficult especially since money = pauperizes. For the most part our dates were at his home or in my fathers townhouse in London. We both decided it would be best to give our bodies to each other and our pledge of undying love the night before we left. I had been nervous but when I realized that, he was just as much a virgin as I my tension left me like the mist of the morning.

Remember that school starts in a couple weeks and we still have to shop for your new back to school clothes. After all you wouldnt want to look like you were unfashionable would you?

My father looked at her sternly and barked, She doesnt need to go shopping I sent for the head designer of Chloe to bring out his latest designs to fit them to her exactly.
Which one is that dear?

I dont know some woman named Stella McCartney; you know that Beatles daughter. Well the executives of Chloe say she is the best they have and that her designs sell more than any other designer in the world.

Dad do you think she could bring her nephew Dale by? I really miss him and it would be great to have some company before I can make some friends at school. Besides, he does not start his school for another month. Please. I wined.

His eyes resumed a much more relaxed position, I will see what I can do but there arent any guarantees or promises.
My mind raced with excitement I would get to see him after all. Oh what would I wear, how long would he stay, and when would he come. My stomach began to hurt oh I should not get too excited or I will vomit. However, the pain didnt ease up much, ok soothing thoughts remember he is coming to see you and have a good time not to watch you get sick from missing him.

The next couple of weeks seem to take forever to go by. I had put on a couple pounds but figured it was because I was growing. I was not only getting taller and getting a little bit heavier but I noticed I was also becoming more voluptuous.

My mother walked into my room one morning and sat on my bed. Rise and shine sweetie. Your father arranged for Dale to come with his Aunt today for the next three weeks until you are off on your feet at school. So you need to get dressed.

I had been groggily getting out of bed until I heard Dales name when I rushed to get ready as fast as I could.
Looks like someone just turned into an Olympic runner pretty fast and a thank you would not be too out of line would it? she smiled.

Oh thank you mom, than you so much, I cried. I am just so excited that all.

Yes I remember when I felt that way about your father, of coarse we were dating. So young we were and so in love too; your father used too act so romantic and charming. I know how hard that is to believe but he was very much the ladies man.


Well he was, but love doesnt last very long these days does it? The twinkle in her eyes gave her away she knew our secret. I knew she would not tell my father mostly because he would take out most of the beating on her and she was a true romantic.

I felt the strange pain again but only stronger this time. Why would it not go away? I knew I was not that nervous and I would be seeing him in a couple of hours. I searched franticly for the perfect thing to wear. I knew he would be happy with anything I chose but the feminine instinct inside me look helplessly anyway. I decided on the cherry red blouse and silk black skirt I had worn when we first met. I brushed through my dark ash brown hair and looked for that cute butterfly clip I had worn that momentous day. There it was hiding I had sworn I would never wear it again unless he saw me wearing it.

I rushed down stairs almost in a panic. My mother could sense that something was wrong. I began to sweat but she pretended not to notice so I relaxed. Then she turned around and asked, Are you feeling ok sweet heart?

Well, I was feeling a little teensy bit sick but an aspirin will be more than enough. I am probably just too excited about Dale coming, I do not want you to worry because there is nothing you need to worry about.

Her concerned look was still on her face as she handed me the aspirin and went back to her reading the paper. Can you get me a coffee Anita darling?

Yes madam, she answered in her quietest but most obedient voice. I felt sorry for Anita after all she was a single mother with two children to feed and she had to put up with a lot of crap from my parents and never spend much time with her children. I always had heard of such poor unmarried mothers and how they would do anything just to feed their kids. She was only nineteen years old but carried the burden of a woman twice her age. She was like an older sister to me and we told each other everything. Since I had gotten back though she had been so busy we had hardly gotten to speak to each other so she did not know that much about Dale.

Our chafer walked into the house and said, The limacine is here and ready to take you to the airport to pick up Miss Stella and Mister Dale McCartney. I almost laughed at how proper he sounded knowing how he was definitely our servant with the most slang when not in front of my parents. He lived in the Bronx, which was quite a commute to so far out in the country. He was in his mid fifties and eagerly awaiting his retirement. He had managed to support a family with eight kids with the help of his wife even though he could not afford their colleges back then. Now however with is thirty some dollars an hour he made now, he helped them pay their student loans.

My parents had many servants, gardeners, and chafers who worked in our various houses. Their pay was usually about $8.00 an hour if they had worked with my parents for less than ten years with a small bonus, And $10.00 if they had worked for ten to twenty years with a larger bonus each year and past that they got a dollar raise for every extra year they worked. It was good pay in the long term but it was difficult to get by those first ten years and not become the unlucky employee who lost their job. My parents often fired servants for the stupidest things like breaking a piece of china. Hiring people with such dramatic lives was also more good publicity in the eyes of my parents who always made it known of the good deeds they did for the community.

Mike had been one of the few to get past those first twenty years and had been a chafer for my father since he had become a senator. Most of the servants who worked for my parents for over twenty years had also worked for my grandfather. They are people who can be trusted and are loyal to the very end.

We walked into the limacine as my pulse started to race again. When we arrived, I rushed out of the car so fast I had forgotten my purse. My mom hurried to catch me as I stopped realizing I was clueless on which plane they would be arriving.

Whoa slow down there we seem pretty excited to see our friend Dale dont we?

I blush and smile oh if she only had the slightest clue. We walked to the terminal, sat down waiting until I became too restless to sit, and paced the floor like the father of an expectant mother. Mom can I go to the rest room, I asked.
Well I surely hope that accounts for why you were pacing the floor so fast. Are you sure you and Dale are just friends you seem more like a couple who have been writing letters for ten years and want to see the lover they missed that whole time?

Was this woman a secret agent or what? I wrote Dale every day since he had left and made at least an hour or more phone call to him every day I could when my parents were not busy taking me somewhere.

Mom dont be ridiculous I just miss his company but if you dont mind I will go to the rest room now. I walked to rest room and entered the stall about to sit down as I began to throw up every thing I had eaten for breakfast that mourning. I quickly faced myself into the toilet bowl and finished throwing up managing to only get a small amount on my left shoe. I took it off and sat down beginning to cry. He would be here in less than twenty minutes and I was a wreck from not seeing him. I cleaned myself off and started to scrub my shoe when my mom waltzed into the bathroom. She looked horrified as she saw me wipe off my shoe. I stepped in a puddle of pee the person before me must have left I had to clean it, I stammered.

Well at least you are ok for a second I thought you were going to throw up that breakfast the way you inhaled it especially since you were feeling sick earlier.

I did not reply to this but quietly walked out of the rest room and sat down in my original seat. My mom looked puzzled at me and I could feel her staring through my dark hair and read my guilty conscious. I knew she could see the place where tears had once been. I was saved however by my knight in shining armor. Dale, I cried.

He trampled past the people in front of him and gave me the biggest hug I had had in weeks. I wanted that moment to never end as I cuddled deep into his chest. He had grown too into an even more handsome man than I had remembered. His smile made me melt to the floor as I eased myself away because I knew my mom would become suspicious.

Stella smiled at the two of us and said, What a beautiful young lady we have become. Wow and taller the last time I saw you was what almost a month ago was it not? I bet they have to keep a shotgun over the mantle to keep boys away from you.

Oh yes we always have one there especially after Kate brought back home that young hooligan a couple years back. Of coarse, our little Abby is not even dating yet are we? she smiled. There went my mom bragging about her little girl again. Could she not give it a rest even for a day?

Stella smiled but I knew that Dale had told her of our relationship after a long debate on whether to let any adults on to our romance. Nevertheless, we decided that Stella could be trusted since she still was like a child in many ways and understood how important it was to us. She did not let money or fame get to her as many in her position would.

We went down to pick up the luggage and I rested against Dale as my stomach began to cramp. Hey mom can me and Dale go get something to eat I am starved?

Sure honey, she smiled. I looked up into Dales eyes and hooked my arm with his as we walked to the airport food court.

Boy am I hungry I could eat a whole elephant right now. Well not a real elephant you know I am a vegetarian too but I am just so hungry.

Well I only ate that horrible first class food so you can imagine what my stomach feels like.

I laugh as I order a large pizza for the two of us to share. As I lean against the counter waiting for it to come out.

I am not that hungry woman you know I was just kidding I hope your prepared to eat most of that by yourself.
I planned on it, I smile.

Well if you eat that much all the time I want to know how you manage to stay so thin. I dont even eat a whole pizza by myself and I am a teenage boy with a huge appetite.

I ate the pizza, three dill pickles, a couple pieces of bread, and as a salad with mayo and ranch dressing. Boy had I been hungry and craving some unusual things lately, you are a growing girl I told myself.

He looked at me in disgust and amazement at the amount and type of food I had eaten. Oh no did my breath smell like vomit or did he see me mix the mayo with my ranch dressing. Worse was it in my hair I would just die if he knew I had thrown up right before he arrived.

I saw Stella look at me but I could not figure out what type of look was in her eyes. Did she see it too? On the other hand, maybe she was seeing something more than on the external outside but something deeper on the inside I could not see?

I sighed a happy almost angelic sigh and hook arms with a somewhat more relaxed Dale as we head to the limacine waiting for us. Mike picks up the McCartneys bags and we step into the car. My mom can now tell without a doubt what is going on between Dale and me without a doubt so I decide if she asks again that I will just tell her. We drive up into the energetic and happy estate which now seemed to have this happy or rah about it. I walk Dale upstairs glowing from being just so happy to see him again and soaking up his presence. Here is your room and dont worry one of the maids will bring your bag up in a second. I doubt you will spend much time here though, I wink.

Yes I didnt see spending a lot of time in this room in my near future either, he laughed. I am a little concerned about you know. I got a call that you were not feeling well you ate all that food and mayo with ranch dressing? Yuck. Your body has changed a lot since I saw you last too. Not in a bad way but you, know what I mean. Your going to hate me for asking this and get all embarrassed but are you pregnant? All the signs add up. When was your last period?

Pregnant! I yell. Pregnant! I am just growing that is all. People eat more when they are growing and I always liked ranch and mayo together. Just because I am getting a more womanly figure does not mean I am pregnant.

No you dont you looked funny at my mom when she put it on her salad and you still didnt answer my question when were you suppose to get your period.

I think about it for a couple seconds and start to cry because I cannot remember. The fear and realization of what was going to happen to me sinks in. My thoughts remind me of Anita as I see my life flushed down the toilet. If I were pregnant, I would never get to finish high school and would end up in some dead end job for the rest of my life after my parents disowned me. If I was lucky, Dale would still have me as his bride and I might still be able to carve out a somewhat decent life for myself.

Oh do not cry angel face I should not have yelled at you. I was just scared. Please do not cry; you might not be pregnant after all. Ok just try to remember.

I stare at him teary eyed, I should have gotten it the week after I came back. I didnt think about it because I have missed it a couple times even up too two months late before.

Well maybe you are just late again. Well until we find out I think that its best if no one knows. And do not worry I promise I will not leave you no matter what happens, ok.

Dale I think I am and I think it is to late to not tell anyone. Your aunt already knows, I did not say anything, but she gave me a look that I could not understand and I am sure she knew that instant. Besides your right I have thrown up some, gotten cramps, gained weight, gone up at least two cup sizes, not to mention how sore my breasts have been lately.

Oh honey why did you not mention any of that stuff earlier when I called you? I am not ready to be a father yet; what am I going to tell my parents?

I did not think about it and I think I should be a little more worried about what to tell my parents than you after all I have nine months before they find out the hard way. On top of that they are religious fanatics. They will totally flip and insist that I have the baby and send it to one of those orphanages where the nuns take care of them and disown me. Your parents will not behave half as badly as mine.

Oh yes they will and what will I tell my agent? You know that girl I have been seeing secretly that I have not even mentioned to you yeah well she is pregnant. Wait a minute why am I even worrying you can have an abortion can you not. Right?

No I can not because here in America you can not have an abortion unless you were raped or the pregnancy will cause the mother to die. Besides, I do not believe in it and my parents would never let me and disown me if I did without a doubt.

So I guess that means we have to own up to it does it not. I thought we would not have any children until after the two of us got married, well that is when I asked you in about three years and after your dad found out we were serious.

I guess so but I think I should take a pregnancy test first, do you not think so? We could just be blowing this out of proportion totally.

I snuck quietly into the upstairs master bathroom in hopes that my mother might still have an old pregnancy test. I knew it was highly unlikely especially since the last time she had a baby was fifteen years ago with I. The cabinet creaked as I slowly opened it and peered into the old antique style cupboard. There it was way in the back, I reached my arm deep into the belly of darkness only to freeze as I saw my mother walk into the bathroom.

What are you doing in here? she questioned.

Uh, just getting some of that perfume in the back of the cabinet; you know the Ralph Lauren I ran out. A look of disbelief began to grow on her face as I felt my self trapped in the web I was spinning. Wait a minute I promised I would tell her the truth and now was as good a time as any. Mom I am seeing Dale, I blurted. She did not seem as stunned as I expected in fact she seemed rather calm to me. Where were the yelling, the screaming, the fighting, and arguing?

I already knew that sweetie, the way you two looked at each other in England said it all. The phone bill and the money you were paying for stamps also gave me a clue too. But I would like to know the real reason you came in here even though you know this bathroom is totally off limits?

I gulped hard and took a step back; after all, I would need all the distance I could get to avoid the first blow I would receive. I think I am pregnant! I quickly covered my face as I prayed to god for a quick and painless death. I know you can here me and if I ever needed you it was not half as much as I do now.

When do you think it happened? Did he rape you or did you both decide to go along with this very blessed sacred holy bond between to people that should only occur when married? Well the tests are in the back go take one and see.

We both made the decision to give ourselves to each other the night before we left. He did not rape me and I love him!

Do not take that tone with me, I am trying to help you. You realize that you have soiled both your fathers and the McCartneys name forever more. He will not win the election for president and may not be able to win the election for senator ever again?

I took the test with me into my bathroom. January 2021, it read that is odd if this pregnancy test was from when I was conceived 15 years ago then in would be expired by now. As I puzzled over the mysterious date, I pulled out a test from a half used box to find out my path for life. All dreams hope everything depended on that one that one plus or minus. I walked into Dales room and sat down on the edge of the bed. He looked at me knowing the plus would be our cross and the line the road to freedom. I moved my hand and stared transfixed by the pain our loving decision created. Yet, another baby would be born into the world to an unwed mother as she struggled all her life to get by on a minimum wage salary. Dale began to crack up not in hysterics or insanity but inside a new light took over his soul. All the concern left him the cross-had made him grow up the faith I had never seen and he seemed so brave and strong. I on the other hand was slain my ever so cheerful spirit crushed and my dignity nailed to that cross.

I was afraid before but I realized something important as I looked at that test. I made a decision that I knew could change my whole life and I lost the battle. I did not however loose the war and even though our life maybe different than we planned, one thing will remain the same, I will be with you the one person I love and I already knew that that was all I wanted in life anyway.

I stared into his eyes ready to cry not necessarily at the dreadful news but how mature he really acted. They say that boys take longer to mature than woman but telling you from experience I know that it was definitely the contrary for us.

I told my mom and she seemed to be understanding but I am afraid to tell my father. If my mom hasnt, than I think I should tonight at dinner.

I agree there is no sense in beating around the bush any longer than we have. Besides he will find out the hard way in nine months, he smiled.

His joking was comforting to hear and almost made me forget all the cares in the world. I walked down stairs to the dining room with many emotions and thoughts running through my veins. I tried to speak but air was the only thing that could escape past my lips. I look at Dale hopelessly as I sit down the farthest seat away from my dad as possible. The faucets in my eyes start to leak but manage to stay in the back of my eyes by the new adult emerging from my body. My father said grace and every one began to consume the food on their plates. Dale stood up in such a fast half hazard way it even startled me who was expecting him to say any minute the secret we shared until my fathers hand sent us to heaven.

I have an announcement to make so every one please be quiet. I would like to make it known to all here that I Dale McCartney and Abigail Harrison are in a serious relationship and have been for the past month and a half.

My father was terrified with shock by this sudden outburst but realization kicked him in the head and coaxed anger to join him to leave another family ripped like the tide of the ocean. I saw it, the look, my skin was as pale as a ghost was and I shook with fear awaiting my cruel and unusual punishment.

Your mother and I already knew. We were waiting for you to tell us and be honest instead of deceitful and are glad that you have come to your senses.

Well that is not all I have to announce, there is something much more important that must be said to all the people here in the eyes of god. Not only am I serious about your daughter in away that no other man could be, I have pledged that I will not leave her regardless of how you feel about our tender love to one another. Abby I had a lot of time to think up in England and every time I thought about you, I felt like the happiest man on earth. I would be delighted and honored if you would take me as your husband and become my bride.

I looked at him disoriented and confused as I stared into the dark velvet box containing the simple eloquent but beautiful ring. I had imagined this moment many times before but never like this or because of this. The table was silent and a single tear trickled down my mothers eye. She and Stella knew and so did the heaven above but I had never seen it coming from a mile away.

How dare you speak of marriage? My daughter is to young for marriage and so are you for that matter. I thought you were maturing kindhearted honest and true with the decent morals your family has always shared from generation to generation but you are worse than a snake. Stay away from my daughter and get out of the house you and all your decedents are never welcome here again.

Before you throw me out I beg you listen to why I wish to marry your daughter. I feel a burning desire for life when I am in her presence; her smile is brighter than the sun. Her beauty surpasses the queen of England herself both physically and mentally, she is a part of me and I am a part of her, and if you separate us, we will both die like the tree without the bark that makes it grow.

His whole heart went into that speech he refused to raise the whiter flag until there was nothing left to fight for but the ashes where of love to young people had set the foundation for so long ago. The tears were too great and gave way as he focused his attention waiting for the final verdict to a trial condemned before it start. I was most surprised however that he did not mention my pregnancy as one of the reasons he longed to be my husband until in my old age when I realized it was love he felt and not shame. The battle was valiant but anger knows no pity and self knows no redemption to those who inflict on its name.

Dad I am pregnant and I am going to have the baby. I chose to have sex with Dale he did not rape me and I plan on keeping it after I give birth. If I was going to die, I decided I would die with Dale and not of the loneliness I experienced from being without him.

Out of my house and never return the man you call father is dead like the woman I called daughter. I will lose everything because of you so you will loose everything you know in this world and get bitterness in its place. Marry for all I care but as far as the world knows you no longer exist and died in a tragic car wreck your memory will be gone and no one will ever hire a woman without a past or let them engage in lifes truly important blessings.

Young and old learn so much from experience but so often, we young learn the hard way in life. My father did not win the election that year and never ran for another office in his lifetime. Angers friend death found a happy home in my fathers heart and he never spoke to my mother or me again. I found out from my mother on her deathbed of my younger sister who lives alone somewhere in New York. When I looked for her in the address book, her name did not exist. According to the doctor that delivered her she was not my fathers daughter but came from some other man and my parents had divorced even though I never read about it in the paper. She knew how I felt for she was a part of me and I was a part of her in both spirit and mind. I left the life I knew that night before the moon could settle above the tree that shed its leaves one day when my life took a different path I did not know existed.

The End.